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design and engineering

According to the experience gained during the years, Oilmico's activity has been greatly enhanced In the field of engineering , Feasibility studies, Implementation of oil, gas and petrochemical projects, In the form of packaging and manufacturing (EPC) and And also the high potential of the company in terms of human resources, Intra-organizational knowledge And the material and spiritual facilities available, Since the foundation of the company, engineering units: Electricity, the mechanic, Industry, Civil, processes And chemical engineering Established.

Specialty fields of the group

Oil and gas transmission lines and oil products

Oil and Gas Production Units

Oil Desalting plant

Oil and gas separation and purification units


Petrochemical complexes

Pumping stations for oil and petroleum products

Gas pressure boosting stations

Gas transmission networks

Storage units and oil terminals

Full coverage of control systems

Utility units and power supply

And all the specialties needed to meet the demands of the oil employers


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